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50th Reunion
September 24, 2011
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Left to Right
1st Row – Albert Voelker, David Robb, Dave Blankman, Mike Riegel, Vernon Armstrong, Carolyn Cox, Georgia Scoggins, Ramona Cobb
2nd Row – Larry Esquibel, Joe Alverez, Don Waters, Judy Goodwin, Elaine Adams, Christy Wycoff, Sharon Woodworth, Marcia Stephens
3rd Row – Mary Jane Tompkins, Carolyn Thomas, Sharon King, Joann Webster, Billie Jean Lockman, Coralea Wasson, Sharon Mayrath, Bernice Freeman, John McKinley, Richard Burke, Lora Lea Johnson, Lana Steinmetz, Carrol McClaren, Al Navarro
4th Row – Bill Strange, Elaine Statler, Jan Bartley, Dale Ensminger, Linda Hofer, Tom Caughron, Richard Cecil, Gordon Hibbard, Doyl Strickert, Eddie Estes, Jim Sammons, Vernon Smith, Bill Garcia, Fritz Trent
5th Row – Brent Latta, Charles Lowry, Rae Mae Dodge, Roger Reynolds, John Mullikin, Ron Steele, Laverne Million, Howard Babb, Dan Reichenborn
6th Row – George Flinn, Ron Sidebottom, Mike Maxwell, Doc Kreger, DeAnne Dehart, Judy Thorpe, Mary Blankenship, Karen Trent, Donna Dehart, Sue Harman, Karen Collier, Peggy Gimbel
Class of 1961 At The 2015 Reunion
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Sharon Mayrath,Vicki Bane Deines, Donna DeHart Brigman, Carol J.
Hamilton Martin, Shirley Bauchman Larson, Judy Dunn Hines, Marcia
Stephens King, Judy Spratt Nacarrato, Elaine Stotler Scheer, Coralea
Wasson, Mary Blankenship Wilhelm, Earlene McComas Hill, Ron
Julia (Judy)Thorpe McDaniel, Peggy Gimble Gust, Christy Wycoff
Hornung, Mary Jane Tompkins Depew, Mary Jane Lopez Esquibel, Sue
Harmon Post, Sharon King Reynolds, Karen Trent Rader, Lora
Johnson Walker, Ramona Cobb McKinley, Georgia Scoggins Burke,
Richard Burke, Doyl Strickert, Larry Esquibel
Don Steele, Jan Bartley, Charles Lowry, Tom Caughron, Fred Martinez,
David Blankman, Lavern Million, Mike Riegel, Phil Kline, Ron Steele,
Joe Alvarez, Charles McKinney, John (Robert) Mullikin, Linda Hofer
Waldron, Jack Trent, Lana Steinmeitz Ross, Richard Cecil, Roger
Reynolds, John McKinley, Ken Zink, Harold (Doc) Kreger,
Wendell Melrose and Gordon Hibbard

Videos from Multi-Year Reunion 2015
First Video includes the High School Pep Band

Provided by Joe Alvarez
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